Thank You for Being a Local Hero

Now that the Color War's over, and Chanukah is receding in the rear-view mirror, we want to thank you for having joined us in this unusual exercise in Jewish micro-activism.

We hope you found it compelling, amusing and perhaps even a bit educational.

Now, we'd like to urge you to build on the warm, fuzzy feeling you've gotten from taking part in this event with so many other Jews from all over North America.

You may already take part in Jewish activities and support Jewish causes, both online and where you live. Or, this may have been the first time you've volunteered to participate in a Jewish event, or at least the first time in a while.

A great team of worthy organizations took part in this event - UJC, local Jewish federations, JDC, JAFI, JESNA, JTA, FJC and Hillel. Please stay active with the groups that were the best fit for you. If you would like to learn more about taking an even more active role in strengthening the Jewish world by working for a Jewish organization, you can visit UJC's Mandel Center for Leadership Excellence on Facebook.

This Color War is not the end of the SuperJews saga. We plan to launch another large-scale Facebook activity in 2009, and we hope you'll take part.

Thanks again,

Team SuperJews

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