Greetings, SuperJews!

It's been a month since the Color War. Now, it's time for SuperJews step two for strengthening the online Jewish community. We've come up with a concept, but first we need your ideas to make it great.

Here's the basic concept: Nominate a Hero in Your Jewish Community

Here's how it works: You nominate someone in your community who has done something amazing, interesting or just plain smart to make the world a better, healthier or happier place. Simple as that. We'll share their great work and story with our friends on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and MySpace and anywhere else we can think of.

Then what? We'll have judges of course. Including you, the participants. But we're thinking about celebrity Jewish judges too. National honorees will get cool stuff - maybe a chance to decide where a donation in their honor goes, maybe their face on the cover of a matzoh box. Give us your ideas.

What's the point? The point is you don't need a mask or cape to be a hero in the community. The point is that you and your friends and your family ARE the community.

CLICK HERE to let us know what you think, and how you'd change this idea to make it better. Or, if you have any other ideas, feel free to toss them up on this wall and we'll see if they stick.


The SuperJews Color War event is over:
Congratulations to the Green Team for capturing the gold, Red for bringing home silver, and Blue for snagging bronze!

Over the eight days of Chanukah, you joined us in committing online acts of virtue as a member of one of the SuperJews Color War teams. By taking part in the debut year of this international micro-activism event, you strengthened the Jewish world one click at a time. This campaign is being run by United Jewish Communities and the Jewish Federation system with an all-star team of partners, listed below.

Competitors chose a Chanukah Color War team – Red, Blue or Green. Unlike the Color Wars you joined at summer camp, there was no tug-of-war and no capture-the-flag. Instead, you and the other members of your team got a mission for each day. Missions were online acts of good for the Jewish world; none took more than a few minutes to complete, and we hope they were interesting and fun. The higher the percentage of people on a team that completed each day’s mission, the higher your team’s score was.

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Wear Your Support for
Israel on Your Sleeves

UJC has launched a new way to be a hero to Israel. Go to UJC's SuperJews online store, and buy T-shirts for yourself and for other Israel-lovers in need of snazzy new gear. All UJC funds raised from these purchases goes directly to the Israel Solidarity Drive.

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